Did you know that the root cause of your acne can be determined by the placement of pimples on your face? Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) makes use of face-mapping techniques as it is believed that there are points in the body that represent or are connected to various major organs and glands.



If you are presenting with acne on your forehead we need to take a deeper look into your bladder, intestines, and digestion. Metabolism may be poor and there can potentially be an inability to efficiently break down foods. Alternating bowel symptoms of constipation and diarrhoea and urinary tract infections may also be present.

To help with the breakdown of foods, incorporating lemon in warm water upon rising as well as taking digestive enzymes, bitter foods and herbs can assist with these processes. Engaging in mindful eating, chewing food well and drinking 2L of water daily will also help. Include fermented foods (kimchi, sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha etc) to nourish and support a healthy balance of the gut microbiome.

In Between Eyebrows

Acne around this area is indicative of a sluggish liver. This can be a result of poor food choices (generally heavy, greasy, fatty processed foods), late-night snacking, possible food allergy and alcohol consumption. It seems the liver is working in overdrive to detoxify and eliminate the overexposure to external toxins, thereby cutting down on alcohol and fatty foods is necessary.

Stick with nutrient-dense whole foods and an array of colourful vegetables. Try liver supporting herbs such as St Mary’s Thistle, Yellow dock and Dandelion root. Happy Liver works specifically on the detoxification and elimination pathways of the liver by encouraging optimal liver function through a blend of botanicals, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Under the Eyes

Let’s take a deeper glance into your sleep hygiene and hydration levels. This is the area where poor sleep patterns and inadequate water intake need to be addressed. Good quality sleep is vital to our health, as without it our circadian system shifts out of rhythm. Ensure you are drinking 2L of water daily to hydrate and nourish your body. Support optimal sleep quality by limiting your screen time before bed. Blue light wreaks havoc on our circadian rhythm and sends it out of whack! Screens affect your melatonin by telling the body your brain isn’t ready for sleep. This, in the long run, has consequences on your hormones.


This could be due to allergies and exposure to air pollutants. Smoking, asthma, and pollution cause damage to this part of the face. Dirty pillowcases and phones can be an undercover culprit, too. Ensure that you wash or wipe down things that regularly touch your face just like your pillowcase or phone. Consider putting plants inside the home to help purify the air. Ensure good skin hygiene by thoroughly washing the face before bed. Opting for organic skincare products is beneficial to eliminate excessive dermal exposure to chemicals. The lung meridian is strongest at 7-9AM, so engaging in daily exercise and yoga asanas to strengthen the lungs is a huge plus factor.


Oiliness and acne are often connected to conditions relating to heart health. Here is where we need to watch our circulation, blood pressure, digestive capacity, and salt intake. There may be some bloating and constipation with pimples on the nose. Consuming warming foods like cayenne, garlic, ginger and Reishi mushroom will help to support heart health. Reducing red meat consumption and increasing plant-based meals is also highly recommended.

Ears & Temples

Indications of overburdened kidneys such as dehydration and poor lymphatic circulation are seen as problematic when pimples show up around the ears and temples. This implies exposure to internal and external stressors and possibly an excess of fats and processed foods in the diet. Dry body brushing is a great practice to help in the removal of dead skin cell build-up as well as stimulating the lymphatic system to help eliminate waste. Drinking filtered water will also help to maintain balance in your body and maximize the functioning of your internal organs. Drinking good-quality filtered water also helps flush out unwanted toxins.

Jawline, Lip Line & Chin

Imbalances of hormones are evident in pimple formations on the chin and jawline. Eating foods that help support the regulation of a healthy hormonal cycle is imperative at this time.

Supplementation of Happy Hormones will also help with healthy hormonal balance and regulation within the reproductive cycle. Happy Greens will more specifically support the elimination of excess hormones and promote alkalinity in the body. This is the time of the month where some extra love and care for our skin is essential. Consider face steams, purifying masks and Epsom salt baths.