The first few days at the gym can be really daunting for beginners, owing to aches and pains. Here are some hacks on how to deal with these problems.


So after days of procrastination, you finally decide to join gym. And you finally meet your gym instructor who enthusiastically shows you around the gym . The first few days after you join, you are determined to transform yourself and get fit. Initially you are asked to start with cardio and then you move on to lifting weights. But as a beginner, your muscles have no idea what’s coming for them and you wish your trainer had informed you how hard the task would be.

The reason that you initially dread working out is because of the muscle soreness. Beginners are prone to this because their muscles are not conditioned to a schedule of heavy workout. The pain caused by aching muscles can be unbearable if you continue to do weight lifting without taking appropriate care of your muscles.So, here are some tips with the help of experts that will help you get rid of this sore problem.

1. Increase intake of water and protein

You need to increase your water consumption per day as dehydration can increase muscle soreness. “You should drink plenty of water before, during and after workout,” says fitness trainer Ankit Shukla. Eat things that are rich in protein such as. fish, egg, nuts, lentils, and yoghurts.

2. Ice bath

Ice bath is a common practice among the athletes for muscle recovery. The cold temperature reduces the swelling in muscles and joints and helps in muscle recovery. This eases the soreness manifold and you are sure to feel rejuvenated after 15 to 20 minutes of cold water bath. For an ice bath at home, take an empty bucket and fill with water.Pour two ice trays in the bucket and you are ready for an ice bath.

3. Stretching

Stretching is imperative as it helps you relax your muscles and regularize the blood flow which might have fluctuated because of the muscle training. “You should never forget to do stretching both before and after workout and for beginners it is something very pertinent to adhere to,” says celebrity fitness trainer Abbas Ali.

4. Active recovery

No matter how stiff your hand and shoulders become due to your sore muscles, remember to continue doing your daily chores in the house so you can continue using them like you normally do. This is called active recovery and it only boosts the strength and also helps you in getting rid of the pain.

5. Cuddle

“Cuddling releases oxytocin- a chemical that helps people to recover from physical wounds,” says Ankit Shukla. Perhaps this would be the easiest way to get rid of the sore muscles. You could cuddle either laying down on a stretching mat or standing straight with your partner.